The warranty applies as long as the airgun is used under normal conditions of use.

All Karma Airguns carry a ONE YEAR Manufacturer Warranty against faulty workmanship and defective materials. The Manufacturer Warranty will start automatically after you purchased a Karma Airguns product from the dealer. Any Karma Airguns product covered by this warranty will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Karma Airguns LLC, should a defect in material or workmanship be found. If you think your airgun has a warranty issue, contact your dealer first. If the rifle is determined to have a defect within the warranty period, the dealer will help you to contact the warranty center or authorized repair facility to arrange service. 

Repairs may only be made at the Manufacturer Warranty Center or authorized repair facility. Disassembly or modification in any way not specifically authorized by Karma Airguns LLC Manufacturer will void the warranty, as will any damage caused by abuse, misuse, neglect or improper handling.

What does the warranty cover?

The warranty will cover any issues caused due to manufacturing errors, either in the parts of the product or derived from the manufacturing process.
The warranty can be resolved in one of two three different ways. Karma Airguns LLC, in communication with the user, will determine the most appropriate way for each case.

  • Repair
  • Replacement

The warranty will not be valid if:

  • The rifle has been disassembled and reassembled incorrectly.
  • If parts that are not original have been incorporated.
  • The product shows signs of abuse.
  • The warranty only covers the products when they are used according to the published instructions. Any usage of this airgun for purposes, whether conceived or inconceivable, that exceed the designed purpose, violate the terms of this warranty.

The warranty DOES NOT cover:

  • O-rings, bolts, seals, springs, cylinder heads.
  • Any damage caused by the owner's negligence or use of improper lubricants or moist compressed air.
  • Damage caused during transportation/shipping.
  • Damage caused by abuse or faulty maintenance.
  • Parts that are subject to the natural wear and tear of the product of use.
  • Damage caused by the use of the product on other objects or property.

Any other expense

  • The warranty does not include failures or anomalies in the products when they have been misused or modified by third parties.
  • The warranty does not include transportation costs to the Warranty Center.
  • The warranty does not cover lost time, nor is it extended by the time the airgun is out of service.

A ONE YEAR manufacturer's warranty applies in those instances for all Karma Airguns.

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